Cybersecurity – The Human Factor

Major security breaches have grown 46% in 4 years and seem to hit the headlines weekly. Customer data losses and business disruption caused by ransomware have seen millions of people’s credit compromised and hospitals cancelling surgeries, demonstrating the potentially existential threat levels for companies. Furthermore, the latest technology and business trends are contributing to the problem. Tech companies have been more preoccupied with innovation than defending against future threats, and the desire to foster collaboration pits empowering users and information sharing against the need to secure systems and data.
Organizations are investing in security, hardware, and services; however, while these elements are necessary, they are not sufficient. Multiple surveys reveal that more than half of security breaches have their root causes in factors containing a human component. While much effort and investment is expended protecting an organization’s perimeter, insiders have a hand, intentionally or inadvertently, in most security breaches.

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